Faculty Research and Updates

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Max Abrahms, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, has been featured in recent media related to Israel and the Muslim world. He has been interviewed by Al Jazeera America about Olympic security and the conflict in Syria. His terrorism research has been featured in Jerusalem Post and he was interviewed by Fox News on Jihad out of Crimea.  He has also been interviewed in The Algemeiner about Spanish terrorism. His research about terrorism has been published in the Israeli news outlet Ynet.

Jeffrey Burds, Professor of Russian & Soviet History, published his book, Holocaust in Rovno: The Massacre at Sosenki Forest, November 1941, with Palgrave Macmillan in December 2013. The book is based on over fifteen years of archival research in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Israel, and the United States, supplemented by interviews with survivors and their families.

Laurel Leff, Associate Professor of Journalism, is publishing her monograph, “Rebuffing Refugee Journalists: The Profession’s Failure to Help Jews Persecuted by Nazi Germany,” in Journalism & Communications Monographs. The monograph seeks to fill a gap in the vast literature on the intellectual migration by exploring the ways in which the American journalism community could have assisted their European colleagues, and did not, and by offering possible explanations for its inaction.

Lori Lefkovitz, Ruderman Professor of Jewish Studies, submitted an essay with co-authors David Shneer and Shelly Tenenbaum on “The Challenge of Interdisciplinarity:  A Conversation about Introductory Courses to Jewish Studies” to Shofar:  An Interdiscplinary Journal of Jewish Studies.  Newly in print are her contributions to a Commentary to “Purim” edited by Barbara Penzner that appeared in A Guide to Jewish Practice, Vol. 2—Shabbat and Holidays (Ed. David Teutsch, Recontructionist College Press, 2014, pp. 464-505).  At this winter’s national meeting of the Association of Jewish Studies, Lefkovitz chaired a panel on: “What’s Jewish About Jewish Bible Translations?” and presented a response to the panelists’ papers.  She has accepted the position of co-chair of the Pedagogy Division of the Association for Jewish Studies for the 2014-2016 term.  In her role as Director of the Northeastern University Humanities Center, she organized a symposium in April on Effective Collaborations across the Disciplines:  Refining the Role of Institutional Centers and Networks.”  Lefkovitz continues to serve on the Faculty Senate, the Senate Agenda committee, as faculty advisor to Huskies for Israel and several other College and University committees, as well as on the academic advisory boards of the JWA, HBI, and Sh’ma Magazine.

Bill Miles, Professor of Political Science, is invited speaker at the upcoming Holocaust Memorial Week at Oregon State University; he will speak on the topic “Shares Suffering and Empathy: Incorporating the Holocaust into Sub-Saharan African Thought and Commemoration.” He is also invited participant at Florida International University “Roundtable on Black Jews and Black Judaism (Initiatives for Global Jewish Communities).” He will be giving several presentations on his new book, Afro-Jewish Encounters from Timbuktu to the Indian Ocean and Beyond (Princeton: Markus Wiener Publishers).

Jim Ross, Associate Professor of Journalism, is working with Nanjing University professor Lihong Song on an edited volume of “The Image of Jews in Contemporary China,” to be published by Academic Studies Press.

Stephen A. Sadow, Professor of Spanish, is featured in “Mood Swings: The Carnivalesque and the Exilic in Two Novels by Angelina Muñiz-Huberman.” He is also a featured author in Darrell B. Lockhart, ed.’s book, Critical Approaches to Jewish-Mexican Literature (Tempe, AZ: Chasqui, 2013, p. 61-68).

Jennifer Sartori, Associate Director of Jewish Studies, recently published “Ethical Dilemmas in Adoptive Parenting” in the April 2104 issue Sh’ma:  A Journal of Jewish Ideas, April 2014.  In December, she presented a paper on “Boundaries of Identity:  Jewish Families in an Era of Transnational, Transracial, and Open Adoption” at the annual conference of the Association for Jewish Studies.

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