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A Destination School for Jewish Students

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From the Desk of Scott Friedman, Senior Development Officer
With its well-established traditions of experiential education and service-learning, its emphasis on international opportunities, and its rising academic profile, Northeastern is positioned to educate students in the richness and complexity of Judaism and the Jewish cultural experience while also addressing the pressing requirements of contemporary Jewish life – including the need to train communal workers, to nourish and sustain Jewish identity, and to address urgent questions regarding Israel. Through a unique mix of coursework and experiential education, Jewish Studies at Northeastern will encourage a multi-faceted understanding of the challenges facing Jewish communities nationally and internationally.

The Jewish Studies program is uniquely positioned to create vibrant Jewish life on campus.  The world-class research and experiential education will be global both in intellectual ambition and in its practical dedication to the institutions of Jewish life – past, present, and future – in Boston, the United States and around the world.

Jewish student life at Northeastern University is going in dynamic new directions.  We are strengthening the student experience and presenting exciting new avenues for synergy with the Jewish Studies program.  If you are interested in supporting Jewish campus life at Northeastern, please do not hesitate to contact Luanne Kirwin at 617-373-4296 or l.kirwin@neu.edu.