Gideon Klein Award

During the Holocaust, many musicians and other artists were persecuted by the Nazis, some because they were Jewish, others because of the content of their art. We invite you to apply for the $5,000 Gideon Klein Award. The Award is open to students in any major. The Gideon Klein Scholar will either create an original work, prepare a performance, or do research. At the end of the academic year, he/she will offer a public presentation at Northeastern and archive the project on the Jewish studies website. Students at Northeastern, Hebrew College, and the New England Conservatory are eligible to apply.

How to Apply:

Applications are OPEN and due March 27th, 2017

All materials and/or questions should be sent to Professor Jenny Sartori (

This award honors the memory of Gideon Klein, brilliant pianist and composer, who was imprisoned in Terezin and other concentration camps until his death in 1945. While in Terezin, Klein inspired other musicians to compose and share their music with others in most difficult circumstances. The award was established in 1997 by Prof. Bill Giessen in memory of his mother, Gustel Cormann Giessen.

Current and Previous Gideon Klein Scholars

2017-2018: Danielle Murad Waiss, Political Science and International Affairs major.  Project will involve choreographing a dance performance composed of several pieces inspired by artworks created during or after the Holocaust.

2016-2017: Alison Campbell (Northeastern University, International Affairs and Political Science major). Campbell’s project will explore the life and works of Wilhelm Brasse, a photographer notorious for his identity photos shot in Auschwitz. Her interdisciplinary work will examine the role of photography through the lenses of memory, history, and culture. She presented her work at Northeastern’s Holocaust Commemoration in January 2017.

2015-2016:  Madelyn Stone (Northeastern University, Journalism and History double major, International Affairs Minor), Reality is the Satire – The Will to Hope in the Writings of Jura Soyfer.  This essay based on Stone’s research as the Gideon Klein Scholar was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Leo Baeck Institute — New York undergraduate essay contest in German-Jewish studies.

2014-2015:  Elijah Botkin (Northeastern University, Music and Mathematics double major), The Closed Town: Poetry from Terezin

2013-2014:  Hinda Tzivia Eisen (Hebrew College, Cantorial Ordination and Master of Judaic Studies program), The Westerbork Cabaret

2012-2013: Heather Viola (Northeastern University, international affairs and human services major), Children’s Music in Terezin

2011-2012: Emili Kaufman (Northeastern University, communications studies major), Art of Felix Nussbaum

2010-2011: Lynn Torgove, (Hebrew College, Cantorial Ordination Program) FRAUENSTIMMEN: Women’s Voices from Ravensbrück

2009-2010: Jeri Robins, (Hebrew College, Cantorial Ordination Program) Music of the Auschwitz Women’s Orchestra

2008-2009: Julie Stevens (New England Conservatory)

2006-2007: Jonathan Meacham (Northeastern University)

2005-06: Coleman Goughary (Northeastern University)

2004-05: Amie Brehm- (Northeastern University) View a clip of Brehm’s presentation of The Young Opera Company of New England in Brundibar, orchestrated as her Gideon Klein project

2002-03: Jungmee Kim (Northeastern University)

2001-02: Melissa Misicka- (Northeastern University), musical activities at Terezin

2000-01: Fay Gerbes (Northeastern University)

1999-2000: Sarah Heile (Northeastern University)

1998-99: Virgil Bozeman (Northeastern University)