Career Opportunities with PIRG Campus Action Information Session

Time: 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Location: Snell 013
Contact: Nalini Ramachandran at
More Information:

PIRG Campus Action works to organize, amplify, and empower students as we tackle the issues that shape our future, and we are hiring for full-time positions as Campus Organizers. Northeastern alum and current Campus Organizer Nalini Ramachandran will be on campus Wednesday November 1st and Thursday November 2nd for information sessions and on-campus interviews. Click here to see more about the job!

We need to save the planet, defend the public interest, and protect consumers. To achieve that, we need to imagine what society should look like in the future, and we need to overcome opposition by special interests in the present to get there. The future belongs to young people. It’s up to them to dream it up, and their idealism, energy, and vision will build the people power to make it a reality.

We know college students have the power to make a difference. From the Freedom Riders of the ‘60s to the voter registration drives of today, from the anti-apartheid movement of the ‘80s to the drive for fossil fuel divestment now — students are always pushing our communities, our country and our world forward.

With PIRG Campus Action, you’ll work with students who, like you, believe it’s our right, and responsibility to shape the future we all want. You’ll work with students to decide the strategies and tactics they’ll use to run campaigns that promote clean energy, public health, a stronger democracy and more.

As a Campus Organizer, you’ll:

We’re hiring for positions in California, Massachusetts, Oregon, New Jersey, North Carolina and a few other states.

Click here to apply today!

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