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The Human Services major prepares students for careers in social change by providing students with the theoretical and skill-based background necessary for practice and research.

Students take academically rigorous courses relevant to the field while honing their skills through our extensive experiential educational opportunities. Through courses, service-learning, co-op and internships, students acquire professional skills related to counseling, nonprofit management, political advocacy, and organizational and community development.

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Human Services


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Human Services Course Catalog


Human Services and American Sign Language

**This is not a combined major for students interested in ASL Interpreting, to complete an ASL Interpreting & Human Services Combined Major students have to complete all requirements in both majors.**

Increased national awareness of the Deaf Community and its language, coupled with the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act has resulted in an increased demand for bilingually competent professionals in a wide range of human services. This dual major provides students with a solid theoretical and practical foundation in the Human Services field along with the linguistic skills and cultural sensitivities necessary to work directly with Deaf people in a range of public and private agencies.

Students who choose to pursue this major will find many employment opportunities working with individuals who are facing life transitions or social and emotional challenges. Specifically, students will be prepared to work in a variety of social service settings with an under-served segment of the population-individuals who are Deaf and who use the language of the Deaf Community, American Sign Language.

Human Services-American Sign Language Course Catalog

American Sign Language Program Website



Human Services and Communication Studies

Human Services-Communication Studies Course Catalog

Communication Studies Program Page



Human Services and Criminal Justice

A combined major in human services and criminal justice will present students with an opportunity to gain both a conceptual-theoretical understanding of both types of agencies and the real world link through various co-op experiences. There is considerable overlap in the populations served by the criminal justice system and various human services agencies. Leadership positions in either type of agency will require individuals who have a firm understanding of how cultural, social, economic and political contexts affect the daily and long-term organization and operation of both types of agencies.

Human Services-Criminal Justice Course Catalog

School of Criminology and Criminal Justice Page


Human Services and International Affairs

Combine human services and international affairs to create a focus on global humanitarian action. A combined major will introduce students to some of society’s most pressing problems on a global, national, and local level. The variety of courses offered will provide students with a conceptual understanding of the problems faced by individuals, communities, and nations, along with the necessary skills to make changes among these populations. This combined major will prepare students for positions within the nonprofit sector with an international focus.

Human Services-International Affairs Course Catalog

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Human Services and Sociology

Human Services-Sociology Course Catalog

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