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Announcing Sari Altschuler as Associate Director of the Northeastern Humanities Center

    Dear Colleagues: The College of Social Sciences and Humanities is pleased to announce the appointment of Sari Altschuler as Associate Director of the Northeastern Humanities Center. Altschuler, now Assistant Professor of English, first joined the Northeastern community in the 2016-2017 academic year as a visiting faculty member in the Department of English. She…
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Congratulations to the 2017-18 Graduate Fellows & Welcome to our Visiting Scholar

Please join us in congratulating the Northeastern University graduate fellows, and giving a warm welcome to our visiting scholar for the fifth annual Northeastern University Humanities Center Resident Fellowship Program. This fellowship provides a focused period of time for our graduate and faculty fellows to pursue research, to collaborate around a common theme, and to share…
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The Fifth Annual Morton E. Ruderman Lecture

On Monday, March 27, dozens of students and faculty found their way to West Village F to listen to an engaging and topical conversation about modern biotechnology.  The lecture, titled “Frankenstein and the Golem: How Ancient Tales Can Inform Modern Biotechnology” was given by professor, sociologist, and bioethicist Dr. Paul Root Wolpe. The Northeastern Jewish…
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Humanities Center Events


The Fourth Annual Israel Studies Lecture Occupational Risks: Israel in the West Bank

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 war, during which Israel conquered the West Bank. Professor Shafir’s talk will address two key questions about Israel’s continuing control of the West Bank: “Is the presence of Israel’s military and settlers an occupation?” and “Is the Israeli settlement enterprise reversible?” GERSHON SHAFIR is Distinguished Professor…
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Are Sanctuary Cities Morally Justified? Shelley Wilcox

This talk explores the moral issues associated with local sanctuary policies.  Three arguments in favor of sanctuary policies are examined—the public safety, civil disobedience, and collective resistance arguments—and the latter is defended.  In doing so,  several important issues that have received scant attention in the philosophical literature on migration, including migrant detention and deportation, the…
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Sanctuary, Well-Being, and the Impact of DACA: Philosophical Perspectives on Sanctuary Cities

This day-long workshop will bring together 7 philosophers from the US and Canada working on the topic of sanctuary cities. What precisely are they and can they be morally justified? Though focusing on issues of concern to philosophers in particular, the workshop will be of broad interest to scholars in other fields and practitioners working…
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