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M.A. in Public History Students


Feruza Aripova


Previous Education:
M.A., Coexistence and Conflict, Brandeis University, 2010, Waltham, Massachusetts.
B.A., Theological Studies, LCC International University, 2008, Klaipeda, Lithuania.
B.A., English, Uzbek State World Languages University, 2000, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Fields of Study: Soviet and modern Russian history, gender in the post-Soviet space.

Matthew Bowser



Previous Education:

B.Phil., History and Classics, University of Pittsburgh, 2013


World History and the British Empire; Modern Britain & Europe; Social and Cultural History I would like to examine the social and cultural effects of increasing world stratification and inequality as imposed by European global empire in the early 20th century, specifically through the lens of British colonialism on the ground. With a focus on the period of high imperialism, I intend to show that local, psycho-social consequences of inequality such as social and cultural exclusion, xenophobia, unrest, and violence were caused by larger, global trends of imperial stratification.

Allison Chapin



Previous Education:
BA, History with a minor in English Literature, Colgate University, 2016

Fields of Study:Holocaust, Genocide, Human Rights, Public History

David DeCamp


Cohort: 2012

Previous Education:
B.A. in History, Davidson College
MA, History, Northeastern

Fields of Study: Modern British Empire, Modern London, Urban History, Transit History, Historical Geography, Digital Humanities.

Dave DeCamp is a PhD candidate in World History whose dissertation explores how imperial themes and subjects were conveyed through exotic animal imagery in visual, written, and popular culture in London during the interwar period. He was also formerly a Graduate Fellow for Northeastern’s NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks (Fall 2013-Spring 2016) and currently works for the Digital Humanities Quarterly as a Managing Editor.

Tara Dixon



Previous Education:
M.A., History, Northeastern University, 2011
B.S., Educational Studies, University of Maine-Presque Isle, 2008
B.A., History and Comparative Literature, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Fields of Study: Food, Commodities/Commodification, Maritime Trade, Pacific Island ‘world’

Dissertation: "The Chimpanzees Request the Pleasure of Your Company": Zoo Advertising, Empire, and Tube in Interwar London (Working Title)

Jack A. Gronau


Cohort: 2014

Previous Education:
M.A., History, University at Albany, State University of New York
B.A., History, Saint Michael's College

Fields of Study: World History and Empire; Modern France; Gender and Sexuality

My research interests include: gender and sexuality in the French Empire, homosexuality in the French colonies and metropole, and identity, race, religion and nationalism in Modern France. I am currently the Editorial Assistant with the DH Commons Journal ( a Journal of Centernet) as well. Previously, at the University at Albany I completed my MA thesis entitled, “The Quoddy Displaced Persons Project," which focused on WWII and postwar U.S. and its relationship to Jewish DPs, immigration, and trends of xenophobia. I was awarded the Morris Altman Research Fund Award in 2010 and had the opportunity to present my research at Colby College's Discovering Maine’s Jewish History Conference in 2010 and the New England Historical Association Spring Conference in 2012.

Shaunna Harrington



My area is the United States in the world with an emphasis on the transnational construction of race. I am interested in exploring schools as sites of cultural production about race, identity and nationalism. In addition to being a doctoral candidate, I am a full time member of the faculty in Northeastern University’s Graduate School of Education. My courses include Teaching History and Social Studies and Race and Ethnicity in Education. I also have taught workshops and courses for high school teachers on gendering the world history curriculum.

Sana Tannoury Karam


Cohort: 2011

Previous Education:
M.A., Political Science, American University of Beirut
B.A., Economics, Lebanese American University

Fields of Study: Modern Middle Eastern History, Arab Intellectual History, History of the Arab Left

I am working on the history of the Arab Left in the interwar period, particularly the history of early socialist and communist thought in the Eastern Mediterranean and how Arab intellectuals worked to localize these global ideas along with parallel developing ideas such as nationalism and anti-imperialism.

Regina Kazyulina


Previous Education:
B.A., History, Northeastern University, 2011

Fields of Study: History of the Soviet Union and Modern Russia, Eastern European Jewish History, World History

Bridget Keown


Cohort: 2013

Previous Education:
BA, History & Russian Literature, Smith College
MA, Imperial and Commonwealth History, King's College London

Fields of Study: Gender, First World War, British Empire and Irish History

Dissertation: "'She is lost to time and place': Women, War Trauma, and the History of the First World War" (Working Title)

My work challenges the construction of 'shell shock' as a gendered condition by exploring women who expressed symptoms of trauma as a result of their service and experiences in the First World War. By looking at nurses, ambulance drivers, munitions workers, refugees, prostitutes, mothers, and civilians, I am seeking to tell a more inclusive history of the war, and consider the real effects of 'total war' on veterans and survivors. I am also working on the history of Irish veterans in the post-war world.

Thanasis Kinias


Elizabeth R. Lehr



Previous Education:
M.A., Gender & Cultural Studies: Simmons College
M.A., Professional Writing, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
B.S., Biology, Syracuse University

Fields of Study: France in the World; Africa; Gender and Empire

Dissertation: “France’s Imperial Tools: Gender, Land, and Colonial Law in French Equatorial Africa, 1870-1914” (Working Title)

Another title for this dissertation might be “OurSpaces.fr.col”. From 19th-century exploration to 20th-century centralized colonial administration, I am interested in the meanings and uses of land and landscape in colonial francophone Africa and the production of imperial policy in African spaces. All history is gender history.

Abigail Mullen


Previous Education:
B.A., Humanities, Bob Jones University, 2007
M.A., English, Bob Jones University, 2009

Fields of Study: United States, Revolution to Civil War; Atlantic World; and Digital History

Sean Palmatier


Previous Education:
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Concentration: fine art/art history)

Master of Arts (Concentration: early modern Atlantic, English colonial America)

Fields of Study: Material culture of the early modern Anglo Atlantic and its corresponding societal expressions.

Jamie Parker


Previous Education:

B.A. History, University of Sheffield, 2012
M.A. Modern History, University of Sheffield 2013


World History, European Imperialism, Urban and Spatial History, African History

My research interests seek to explore how colonizers and empire builders manipulated spatial boundaries and urban settlements in order to foster improved networks of rule. Specific urban sites formed around the implementation of transport and infrastructure, simultaneously bringing areas under superficial control, whilst also centralizing forces of discontent. This sheds light on the interaction between metropole and colony, and how western concepts of modernity actually created conditions beneficial to malcontent. These ideas alter conceptions about environment, social and labour organisation, and the very goals of the colonial project.

Simon Purdue



Previous Education:
BA (International) in History from University College Dublin
MA in the Social and Cultural History of Medicine from University College Dublin
Awarded a Medical Humanities Grant from the Wellcome Trust in 2015

Fields of Study: Industrial and Labor History; British, Irish and American Social History; Irish-American Migration; Urban History

James Robinson



Previous Education:

Templa BA in History/American Studies '05 Temple MLA '13


Social and Cultural Histories of Sports Urban History Social Movement History United States in the World Working on intersections between social justice movements and sports play, particularly leftist sports clubs.

Colin Sargent


Previous Education:
University of Southern Maine

Fields of Study:British Empire, Western Perceptions of China, Drugs and World History

I found interest in the field doing a senior project at USM on the Chinese Exclusion Act and how it was applied in Maine, finding that connection to a local church greatly affected court case outcomes. My dissertation looks at the connections between Britons who saw financial and social windfalls from the First Opium War. It argues that their network created the conditions for that conflict in the first place, and then benefitted from the resulting upheaval

Luke Scalone



Previous Education:

B.A., History, Butler University, 2016

A.A., Joliet Junior College, 2014

Fields of Study:Pacific Worlds; French Colonialism and Imperialism; Race and Ethnicity

Olivier Schouteden


Cohort: 2013

Previous Education:
M.A., History, University of Texas at Brownsville, 2011
B.A., History, Université Charles-de-Gaulle Lille III, 2007

Fields of Study: Modern France, French imperialism and colonialism, modern Southeast and Far East Asia

Modern France, French imperialism and colonialism, modern Southeast and Far East Asia

My research looks at the role of 19th century French explorers and travelers in the making of colonial Indochina. It analyzes the “tensions of empire” resulting from the explorers’ interactions with the colonial authorities and their encounters with the indigenous population, the colonial/tropical space and themselves. My work raises and discusses the ambiguous and unstable nature of travel and the transgressive potential of curiosity in the context of French imperialism and colonial Indochina.

Akin Sefer


Previous Education:
B.A., Political Science&International Relations, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2007
M.A., The Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish History, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2009

Fields of Study: Ottoman/Middle Eastern History, Labor History, World History

Daniel Squizzero


Cohort: 2014

Previous Education:
B.A., History, University of Massachusetts Amherst
B.A., Theater, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Fields of Study:Cultural and Intellectual History, Modern Europe, Fascism, History of the Performing Arts

My research primarily focuses on the Cultural History of Fascist Italy with particular attention to state-run artistic productions and programs. Thus far, I have relied primarily on theater, the performing arts, and to a lesser extent film. My current research explores the influence of the Futurist art movement on Italian Communist and Fascist organizations in the Interwar period.

Will Whitworth


Previous Education:
B.A., History, University College London SSEES, 2016

Fields of Study:Contemporary Germany and Poland, The Cold War, History of Radicalism, History of Education

Matthew Williamson

Previous Education:
M.S., Education, St. Joseph’s University 2009
B.A., History and Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh, 2007

Fields of Study: American Revolution and Early Republic, British Empire, Atlantic World

M.A. in World History

Navrattan Athwal


Ian King



Previous Education:

BA in English and linguistics from the University of California, Santa Barbara

Fifth-year secondary teaching credential from California State University, Sacramento

Interests:I study the 20th century, with a particular interest in urban history, cultural history, and the history of transportation in East Asia and along the transnational connections from there. I focus on history "from below," with a concern for how individual experience in a given historical milieu is altered by ethnicity, nationality, and cultural identity. I'm also heavily interested in world and US history pedagogy at the high school level, as well as the connections between history and literature, having worked as an English teacher and tutor for several years before starting at Northeastern and planning to return to the field after I graduate.

M.A. in Public History

Rebekah Bryer



Previous Education:
BA in History and Theatre and Dance Studies, Wheaton College, Norton, MA

early American history, intersection of performance and public history, non-profit management

Brittany Costello


Previous Education:
B.S. Legal Studies, History Double Major, Roger Williams University, Bristol R.I.

Public History, living history/ interpretation, house museums, Civil War era United States history, Cultural History

Tobias Ehrenbold


Jacqueline Gertner


Previous Education:
B.A. in History, St. Bonaventure University

American History, Visual Culture, Archives

Fieldwork Experience:

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Audiovisual Archives Intern

Harvard Film Archive, Media Preservation Services Intern

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Member and Visitor Services Representative

New England Historic Genealogical Society, Manuscripts Department Volunteer

Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts, Intern

Friedsam Memorial Library, Intern

Alysha Griffiths



Previous Education:
B.A. in History, Northeastern University 2015

Public History, Non-Profit Management, Educational Programming, Environmental and American History

Field Experience:
Historic New England, Friends of the Public Garden, and Museum of Fine Arts

Caroline Klibanoff



Previous Education:
received B.A. in American Studies and Film & Media Studies from Georgetown University Interests:
class, work and culture in modern American history, especially in the American South, as well as digital public history and storytelling

Kyra Millard


Previous Education:
BS at Bradley University in History with minors in Women's Studies and Anthropology

Natural history, Holocaust Studies, Egyptology, and the Renaissance.

Jessica Muttitt



Previous Education:
Bachelor of Arts in History with High Honors, Colgate University (May 2015)

Historic House Museums, Museum Education, Interpretation and Visitor Services

Jessica Nelsen



Previous Education:

B.A. in History with Women's Studies minor from Old Dominion University A.S. in Social Sciences from Tidewater Community College

Interests:History of Gender Perceptions and Relations, Cold War International History, History of Propaganda, Public History, Women and Gender Studies

Fieldwork Experience:

The MacArthur Memorial, Curatorial Intern

Nikki Reed


Previous Education:Undergraduate degree in Art History and English at Grand Valley State University

Interests:Contemporary Craft, Surrealist Art, and Feminist Art

Currently working at Loyal Supply Co. designing an artist feature and program to promote youth art programs

Jennifer Roesch


Previous Education:
B.A., History and German, Lawrence University, 2013

History of Museums and Archives; Presidential Libraries; Nonprofit Management; Digital History

Candace Ruby


Previous Education:B.A. in History with minors in Education and Foundations of Western Civilization, Assumption College

Interests:Archives, Digital History, Oral History, American History, and Early Modern Europe

Field Work:John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Northeastern University Archives and Special Collections, American Antiquarian Society, Worcester Historical Museum

Rachel Schrottman


Cohort: 2014

Previous Education:
BA in History and International Affairs, Northeastern University

Fields of Interest:
Public History, Genocide Studies, and Museum Education

Field Experience:
Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library
Commonwealth Museum

Kara Zekasko

Cohort: 2016

Previous Education: BA in history with a concentration in public history, DePaul University '15

Fields of Interest: public history, collections management, exhibit design, 19th-20th c. gender and sexuality

Field Experience: internships at the Frances Willard Historical Association and the Chicago History Museum