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Graduate CSSH Semester Conversion

Graduate CSSH Semester Hour Conversion – Fall 2018


Pending University approval (expected April 2018), across the graduate programs in CSSH, all traditional 3 semester hour courses will be converted from 3 semester hours per course to 4 semester hours per course as of Fall 2018.  So, starting in Fall 2018, courses that were 3 semester hours will be 4.  When classes switch from 3 semester hours to 4 semester hours, the classes will require more contact and the students will earn one more credit for each class.

There were a number of compelling reasons to pursue semester-hour conversion but the most important among them were: (1) to facilitate cross-discipline and cross-college collaborations and new interdisciplinary degree programs, (2) to make the earning of graduate certificates more realistic for graduate students already enrolled in one of our Masters or PhD programs, and (3) to make the process by which our undergraduates can potentially enroll in our graduate programs (through Plus One programs) more seamless.

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