FAQs for Applicants

FAQs  for Applicants


Q: How do applicants check their application status?


Applicants must log into the ApplyYourself system to check the status of an application.

Q: How do I list my university if it's not in the Look Up table in ApplyYourself?

  • Type Other in the Institution Name field
  • Click the Search button
  • Click on the entry titled, Other|Other
  • On the application, type the name of your college or university in the Other Institutions field and enter City, State and Country fields

Q: Why would an online application say “incomplete” even after an applicant has submitted all of the required materials?


The Graduate Office verifies the receipt of all uploaded documents. This process is typically completed within one business day.

Q: What if an applicant can’t confirm an application submission?


There is a good chance that the applicant neglected to click the “Submit” button. After completing the online portion of the application (i.e., application form, fee, personal statement, unofficial transcripts and, if applicable, resumé and writing sample), applicants should be sure to click the “Submit” button located at the top of the application page. Otherwise, the Graduate Office will not be able to move the application forward in the review process.

Q: What does it mean when an application status is “on hold”?


A status of “on hold” means that the applicant neglected to pay the application fee or that we have not received their check yet.

Q: How long does it take the online system to show that supplementary materials have been received?


The ApplyYourself system reflects receipt of supplementary materials as soon as the Graduate Office verifies the supplementary materials. Applicants should allow one business day after submitting an application for the system to reflect receipt of any supplementary materials they uploaded.

Q: Who should applicants contact if their recommenders are having trouble submitting letters of recommendation?


Applicants or recommenders should contact the ApplyYourself Help Desk via the Tech Support icon at the top of the ApplyYourself application website.

Q: How should applicants submit transcript(s) to the Graduate Office?


Applicants should upload a copy of their transcript(s) to the ApplyYourself online application system before submitting the application.

Q: What should applicants do if they are having trouble uploading transcript(s)?


If an applicant is having difficulties uploading a transcript, they should contact the ApplyYourself technical team via the Tech Support icon at the top of the AY application website.

Q: When should applicants submit an official transcript(s)?


If an applicant is admitted into a program and chooses to enroll, s/he must provide the Graduate Office with official transcripts within 30 days after matriculation.

Q: What happens if receipt of admission materials is not confirmed by the application deadline?


If the Graduate Office has an applicant’s materials by the deadline, the materials will be reflected on the application and the application will be reviewed. Materials are verified and matched to applications within one business day.

Q: Do students have to apply and be accepted in order to register for a class or two?


Yes. CSSH offers a part-time, non-degree option called Special Student status for most programs. Special students apply through the online application system, ApplyYourself, and can enroll on a part-time basis, but cannot exceed more than two courses per semester. Please refer to the applicable materials required and deadlines for special students.

Q: What if an applicant has a question not found in these FAQs?


Applicants can email the Graduate Office at gradcssh@neu.edu if they have a question not addressed in the FAQs. The Graduate Office staff will respond to inquiries in a timely manner.