Information For Employers

CSSH looks for employers with an interest in mentoring and supervising co-op students.

The CSSH co-op coordinators work hard to make the experience a rewarding one for employers and to ensure that the co-op program becomes a source of talent for organizations in the Boston area, across the country, and around the globe.

As partner employers have learned over the past 100 years, cooperative education (“co-op”) has many benefits. By hiring only two students, employers get the equivalent of a full-time year-round employee for substantially less than it would cost to hire a degreed professional. Employers get intelligent, motivated students who are eager to work and learn. Co-op can also serve as an excellent recruiting tool by allowing employers to “test-drive” potential permanent employees with no long-term commitment. Through co-op, employers get the chance to lure the best and the brightest into their company before the competition.

To learn about how to create a co-op position and how an organization can benefit from a co-op, visit the Northeastern employer benefits page.