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The 2017 Experiential Liberal Arts Photo Contest

The 5th Annual CSSH Photo Contest

The Experiential Liberal Arts Photo Contest, formerly the CSSH Global Photo Contest, is open to all CSSH students who have participated in an experiential learning opportunity through Northeastern. We asked for your photos that show how you’ve engaged with the world and that represent what it means to study the liberal arts in the 21st century. Finalist photos below are also displayed in 180 Renaissance Park.

In-Person Voting Winners (4):
  • Katharine Armstrong, “Everything the Light Touches is the Hashemite Kingdom”
  • Jenna Chalfonte, “Venice Sunset”
  • Ryan Mallaby, “Rainbow Mountain: This Natural Peruvian Wonder Was Only Discovered in 2015: What Else is out There”
  • Alexander Shaw, “My Respect for Segregation”
Online Fan Favorite (1):
  • Jared Hirschfield, “An Antique Truck and Wheelbarrow under a Starry Winter Sky in the Atacama Desert of Chile”


The 2017 Photo Contest Finalists


How have you engaged with the world, near or far?

The learning and transformation of knowledge and skills happen across many contexts, including but not limited to co-op, Dialogue of Civilizations, study abroad, NUin, service-learning, and research. Click here to continue reading about the unique CSSH experiential liberal arts learning model.