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Major Curriculum

The undergraduate curriculum in English offers study in literature, writing, linguistics, and rhetoric as these represent and constitute the experiences and cultures of people of England and the United States, as well as the Anglophone world more generally conceived. Although courses and specializations within the major may vary widely, they all focus in common on the processes of creating, interpreting, analyzing, and producing texts in English. The curriculum’s goals are to enable students to do the following:

Interpret and analyze texts
Conduct independent research
Write effective expository prose
Acquire theoretical perspectives on language, rhetoric, and literature
The Curriculum
ENGL 1400: Introduction to English Studies
ENGL 2100: Backgrounds to English and American Literature
Five Literary Period courses:
Three Pre-Nineteenth-Century
One Nineteenth-Century
One Twentieth-Century
Two Transhistorical/Transnational courses
One Criticism, Linguistics, or Rhetoric Course
One Capstone Seminar
Two English Electives
One Experiential Education Course
See the Registrar’s Website for complete information about program requirements.