Dossier Services

Dossier Service

Almost all institutions with doctoral programs have “dossier” services for their students applying for academic jobs. The dossier enables confidential materials (letters of recommendations and transcripts) to be sent to multiple institutions without passing through the candidate’s hands. At some institutions dossier processing is centralized; at others, such as Northeastern, dossiers are handled in the department. The dossier packet, with instructions for set-up, is linked below.

The dossier contains the following materials:
• cover sheet;
• letters of recommendation
• official transcript(s) of your graduate course work, which you must request from the registrar.

Note that it is your responsibility to request the letters of recommendation to be directed to the placement officer, to order the transcript, and to supply all other agreed-upon materials for the dossier. The writing sample is not part of the dossier, and the Graduate Office does not send out writing samples.

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Placement Officer

Erika Boeckeler
Assistant Professor, Department of English

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Melissa Daigle, Assistant to Placement Office
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Placement Office
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