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Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities

Program overview

The Certificate in Digital Humanities will allow students to pursue an organized course of study in DH with the interdisciplinary faculty of the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks while completing requirements for their degrees in existing doctoral and master’s programs. This is not a stand alone certificate; rather, it will be completed by students in the course of their existing program of study.

Digital Humanities is an emerging field of research that is interdisciplinary in scope and collaborative in nature. The field is developing in relation to new digital technologies which have changed the objects of study, methods, and opportunities for research and teaching in existing humanities fields. Digitized texts are now read and accessed in new ways; digitized corpora of texts make possible new modes of quantitative and qualitative analysis (including “distant reading,” text mining, mapping, and network analysis); born digital objects constitute new primary sources in need of humanistic theorization, approaches, and critical vocabularies; and modes of encoding, aggregating, and connecting texts enable the creation of new archival resources that are changing our understanding of the archive itself as well revealing new historical, literary, and cultural patterns.

The field is new and developing rapidly and many students are eager for training in this area—both because DH is at the cutting edge of disciplinary work and because it offers new opportunities for employment within the academy and outside of it.

Certificate Requirements

12 SH, Updated Fall 2017

*Additional courses may be added to the above list with the approval of the DH Certificate Committee.

For more information

Contact Melissa Daigle in the English Graduate Office or the Graduate Program Administrator in your home department for more information.