Euripides’ Trojan Women by Professor Blessington

by Euripides
a new translation by
Francis Blessington
directed by
Benjamin Evett

May 18th-June 2nd, 2012
The Factory Theatre

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Ros Thomas Clark
Nathaniel Gundy
Jen O’Connor
Adrienne Paquin
Mara Radulovic
Aimee Rose Ranger

Costume Design: Emily Woods Hogue
Light Design: PJ Strachman
Set Design: Natalie Laney
Stage Management: Patricia Ramos

Postcard image by Phoenix Photons Photography

“Up, unfortunate one, raise your head
And neck from the ground. Troy’s gone,
And we rule Troy no more.”

After the fall of Troy, the women of the city endure together. Stuck in camps, they await their fates. In this world between atrocities, their only interruptions arrive as news briefings from a messenger who swiftly comes and goes. As they wait, bombarded with devastation and trapped by their husbands’ war, we see what it means to survive.

“The human spirit wrestles with dream and fact, grand memory and future pain, madness and grief, love and hate. But the human mind goes on living, coping, dreaming, remembering, despairing, changing, and doing these activities over again, refusing to fall silent, refusing in its way to die. … The wonder is that human nature can endure, and express, so much so well.”
– Francis Blessington

Published On: May 11, 2012 |
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