Economics major Britany DiCicco on understanding the marketplace for the latest technology

“It is a privilege to be able to integrate my classroom experience with real-world experience.”


Britany-headshotMy co-op is a product marketing position at Intralinks, a leading technology provider of beyond the firewall collaboration solutions company, located in Charlestown, MA.  Intralinks pioneered the

virtual data rooms (VDRs) technology, which is used to support the complex and highly regulated process of facilitating strategic financial transactions, and mergers and acquisitions.  Additionally, our other solutions support highly confidential transactions for a variety of industries, such as financial services, life sciences, technology and manufacturing.

One of the most rewarding things about this co-op is being able to take the skills and theories learned in my academic work and apply them to the work I do here.   Learning about consumer behavior in my economics classes has helped me to better understand some of the product marketing projects I have completed at Intralinks.  For example, in a project that involved market research and analysis I was able to use the information obtained to understand the needs of individuals in the market place, as well as consumer behavior.  Moreover, my classroom experience in Advanced Writing for the Disciplines has enabled me to write blogs for our website that require clarity, conciseness, and a professional tone.

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to do my co-op at Intralinks because there are many things I will take away that I can use to help me in my future academic goals.  As a graduating senior, one of my only remaining requirements is econometrics which is notorious for being an extremely difficult class.  At Intralinks, I feel I have improved my analytical and computer skills which are two of the most important tools needed to do well in econometrics.  I have also learned that asking as many questions as possible is key in understanding difficult concepts and completing projects successfully.  After giving a ten minute presentation to the company about various projects I completed, I enhanced my public speaking skills which will be very helpful in my final two classes at Northeastern as well as in my future career.

All in all, I am enjoying my co-op at Intralinks immensely, and feel as though it is a privilege to be able to integrate my classroom experience with real-world experience.  I have also taken a liking to product marketing and hope to continue to take my career in this direction.

Britany P. DiCicco, CSSH’14, is an economics major