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Spring 2018

AFRS 2307 – Africa Today

Offers a basic survey of the latest innovations and cultural and socioeconomic trends of 21st-century Africa. Examining the political transformations of 54 nations, the course focuses on a culturally and ethnically diverse continent of five regions, linguistic and religious diversity, and tribal societies reflecting an ancient triple heritage—indigenous, Arab, and European. Presents complex and critical perspectives on topics including governance and civil strife, gender empowerment, the impact of globalization, trade and investment developments, public health challenges, the visual and performing arts, identity formation among a rising youth demographic to pervasive mobile technology, food security, and the new “African” passport. CRN: 36034 More information here

CLTR 3500 – French Culture and the arts

Designed to provide students with an overview of French culture with a particular focus on its rich artistic heritage as manifested down through history and in popular culture today. Includes such areas as language, art, architecture, cinema, music, literature, urban and landscape design, fashion, folklore, rites, rituals, and customs. Studies the distinctive characteristics of France’s many regions in light of their contributions to the vast tapestry that comprises French culture. Conducted in French CRN: 33800 More information here