The Institutional Master Plan (IMP) describes major capital projects planned on campus over the next ten years, but it also affords the opportunity for the University to put forth in a Cooperation Agreement an array of programs and projects of mutual benefit for the University and the surrounding community. These proposals draw alignment in the areas of education, employment, purchasing, recreation and housing.

IMP Advisory Group

In order to keep the channels of communication open between Northeastern and its adjacent neighborhoods Northeastern has created the Institutional Master Plan Advisory Council with representatives from surrounding neighborhoods. This council meets regularly for continuous dialogue and transparency to address issues of concern and to explore new possibilities for community-University engagement. The 2015 IMP Advisory Council members are:

Bruce Bickerstaff: Mission Hill Resident
Bill Dellea: South End Resident/Realtor
Marie Fukuda: Fenway Resident, Fenway Civic Assoc
Brent Henry: Roxbury Resident and Director of Vibrant Boston/Lenox Camden
Carmen Pola: Mission Hill/Senior Legacy Group
Barbara Simons: Fenway Resident
Scotland Willis: Roxbury/Fort Hill Resident


IMP Task Force

In addition to the IMP Advisory Group, the Boston Redevelopment Authority convened the Northeastern IMP Task Force at the start of the Institutional Master Plan process to ensure participation by local residents over the long term course of the development and implementation of the plan. The IMP Task Force members are:

Dolly Battle: Whittier Street Apts/Community Jobs point person for ISEC
Bruce Bickerstaff: Mission Hill
Matthew Brooks: Fenway Resident
Cindy Brophy: Fenway Resident
Monica Castro
Jane D’Angelo
Bill Dellea: South End Resident and Realtor
Matilda Drayton: Alice Taylor Resident Board President
Pat Flaherty: Mission Hill
Jane Hartmann: Fenway Resident
Dorothea Jones
John Morse: South End Resident
Ellen Pfeifer: New England Conservatory
Carmen Pola: Mission Hill Senior Legacy Group
Kyle Robidoux: Lower Roxbury Resident
Scotland Willis: Roxbury Resident



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