Gateway Series events take place throughout the year either in the public spaces near Ruggles Station or in other large venues around campus. Generally, these events attract larger audiences than our programming (around 300 attendees) and they last several hours. Previous Gateway events have included cultural programming celebrating Latin Heritage Month, an MWBE business expo, wellness and fitness activity, and a series of block parties featuring Boston DJs.

The most well-known of the Gateway Series events is the annual Gateway Mixer in mid-September, which functions as a post-summer vacation welcome back/welcome to Boston (for new students) networking event. The Gateway Mixer features a cocktail-style atmosphere featuring music, light appetizers, and interactive performances in front of Ruggles Station. Holding this event in a public space transforms an average roadway into a fun and casual environment that encourages dialogue and networking among participants regardless of age, title, profession, or origin. Since the launch of the Gateway Mixer, more than 300 local residents and Northeastern faculty, staff, and students have welcomed the start of the academic year together, several of whom commented afterward that the event later led to new personal and professional connections.






Winter Gateway Speaker

In 2017, a winter speaker event was added to the Gateway Series in mid-February. With initial Gateway programming concentrated during the summer, the importance of another large semi-annual event to maintain the earlier momentum was apparent. February was chosen because it closely follows the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend remembrances and is Black History Month. Both of those occasions serve as the thematic inspiration – with the focus being social justice and resilience – for the event and the chosen speaker. The annual speaker series features voices with national and international prominence.

  • Jeff Chang, a world-renowned author and journalist who writes about the intersections of race, culture, and politics through the lens of hip hop, was the inaugural speaker in February 2017. His visit included a morning lecture and book signing with civic and community leaders, which was then followed by a larger moderated conversation with Professor Sarah Jackson.
  • In February 2018, author and activist Shaun King was our second speaker. During his conversation with Professor Adam Hosein, King addressed a variety of topics, including police brutality, the current state of politics, and his thoughts for how attendees could make their voices heard and affect change in local and national politics.
  • The following year, we hosted correspondent and author April Ryan. Drawing from her decades of working at the White House and her recent book, Under Fire, Ryan relayed tales and events that have left memorable impressions upon her during a conversation with NECN/NBC10 Boston anchor Latoyia Edwards. Later she also shared advice with students in a smaller setting.

Jeff Chang with Sarah Jackson

Shaun King with Adam Hosein

April Ryan and Latoyia Edwards


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