If yes, please use the Event Description box below to list all of the dates.
  • Requests are accepted only up to 3 months in advance.
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    Please include the time that you will set up.
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    Please include time to clean up. Requests Mon-Thu after 5pm must end at 8pm. All evening reservations will be confirmed based on staff availability.
  • Enter NUMBERS only. The total must equal the number of hours from the set up time to the break down time listed above.
  • Depending on your event size and purpose, one type of space may be more suitable than another. Please click here for more information to help you decide which space is best for your event. PLEASE NOTE: No selling of merchandise, no cost/fee for any services, and no fundraising is allowed on the premises.
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 52.
  • If your event involves people under the age of 18, there are additional rules and regulations to follow.
  • Note: Northeastern Crossing opens at 9am. Please do not order catering before 9am.
  • Note: There is a HDMI cord on site that can connect to projector. Bring your own PC laptop or Mac laptop. If it's a Mac laptop, then bring your own adapter to connect to the projector.
    Note: There is no podium provided at the venue.
  • - Provide free access to events, meetings, and programming. No fundraising, ticket or merchandise sales, or service fees are allowed.
    - Maintain a clean presence at Northeastern Crossing (ie: your group cleans up after itself.
    - Respect the staff, fellow guests, their meetings, and their workspaces.
    - Arrive and depart on time as scheduled. If there are any cancellations, organizers should notify staff as soon as possible.
    - It is the organizer's responsibility to stay until all their guests leave.

    If there any follow up or additional communication is needed, Northeastern Crossing will communicate with you regrading next steps.
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