Community Hiring & Internships
Northeastern supports the surrounding community by hiring people from adjacent neighborhoods. Northeastern is increasing its advertising of open positions to the adjacent neighborhoods as well as the job fairs the University puts on every year. Northeastern is also increasing job readiness trainings with topics such as resume writing and interview skills.

Hiring and Internship Goals

  • Northeastern will pursue the goal of increasing Northeastern employees in the contiguous zip codes by 3-5% within three years.
  • Northeastern will encourage Northeastern vendors to hire an additional 100 employees from the contiguous zip codes within three years,
  • Northeastern will provide 10-15 three-month internships opportunities to community members per year.

The Goal Numbers in Context
When the goals were implemented Northeastern had 394 employees residing in the contiguous zip codes, making up 10.99% of the faculty and staff at Northeastern. Increasing this number by 3-5% requires hiring 12-20 employees, increasing the count from 394 to 406-414. Complications arise when reaching this goal due to regular employee turnover combined with employees moving out of the city. Attrition plus the goal is the equivalent to adding 100+ local employees per year.

Career Training and Job Fairs
Northeastern will sponsor 10 employment training and education programs to community members per year as well as annual job fairs, and hold events targeted specifically to local residents. Northeastern also partners with local agencies and community centers to design and provide two job readiness workshops.

A Division of the Office of City and Community Affairs