Programming at Northeastern Crossing is community-driven. Our open approach provides individuals and organizations from the surrounding neighborhoods and the Northeastern University community with a modern, professional space for meetings, conferences, receptions, and other gatherings. All programming is required to be free and open to all participants.

Free WiFi
Northeastern Crossing has a free, public internet counter with four computers available at hourly increments. Guests at Northeastern Crossing may sign up for computer use to search for employment options at Northeastern University, check email, and browse the internet. An open WiFi network is also available during business hours for visitors wishing to bring WiFi-enabled devices to Northeastern Crossing.

Human Connections
The importance of connecting people to people is invaluable. We believe in an asset-based approach to community building, with the belief that there is value on both sides of the town/gown divide.  As such, Northeastern Crossing works to elevate and connect people to the human assets working at the university and living in the surrounding neighborhoods. In the past, we have help connect non-profit leaders to faculty, students to civic leaders, and residents to student volunteers.

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