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Curiosity, inventiveness, forethought, sustainability, solutions, collaboration.

Furthermore, we celebrate people who commit their lives to bettering society.

Presently, we celebrate the engineering legacy of Northeastern’s Alexander Gorlov (1931-2016). A man who devoted his life to discovering solutions that maximized energy, minimized loss, and exemplified beauty.


On September 30th, the CRI attended a dedication ceremony at 888 Boylston, Boston’s newest sustainable architectural marvel, celebrating the instillation of Gorlov’s helix-shaped wind turbines that now gracefully swirl atop the glistening structure.

Held on the balcony of the penthouse with mesmerizing views and blustery winds, the ceremony hosted by Boston Properties and attended by city officials, Northeastern leadership, and the Gorlov family was a touching testament to an innovator who engineered decades ahead of his time.

Following the ceremony, guests were led through a service corridor and onto a roof proffering exceptional views of the artful turbines. One of the most striking elements of the experience: silence. The wind whipping between the towering buildings generated more sound.

IMG 8024 1

The nature-mimicking helical design of the turbine not only reduces noise, but also mechanical stress while bolstering energy production upwards of 35%, features that earned Gorlov the Thomas A. Edison Patent Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 2001.


Watch this brief video wherein Alexander Gorlov narrates the possibilities of the helical turbine.


In addition to the Boston Skyline, Gorlov’s multifunctional turbines elegantly light the Eiffel Tower and hydro-electrically power the South Korean countryside and parts of Coastal Maine.  

The supreme combination of functionality and aesthetics will not only power 888 Boylston, but will also provide Bostonians and all who visit the city with engineered allure for decades to come.


Thank you, Alexander Gorlov.


For another celebratory glimpse, read about the infrastructure game-changer, StreetScan, in “Never Fear, Wingman is Here” and “A StreetScan a Day keeps the Potholes Away.”


Written by Brice Tennant.
Cover photo by Bisnow. All Rights Reserved.

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