Tech2Venture Case Study

CRI introduced the Tech2Venture (T2V) program in 2014 to encourage seasoned entrepreneurs to “apply” for technologies they find compelling, providing a cash grant to the entrepreneur selected for the program.

Today, we are excited to highlight the first license derived from our Tech2Venture program – Nano Power Solutions.

Nano Power Solutions was founded based on technology from Northeastern University’s NSF Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing. Nano Power is developing a high performance rechargeable battery that uses layered CNT as current cathode collectors, along with proprietary cathode materials from the Chemistry department. Through this unique electrode architecture, the company predicts a power density increase up to 10 times greater than current technologies. The batteries are very long-lived, withstanding up to 5,000 charge/discharge cycles. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and takes place at room temperature and pressure. Nano Power Solutions is angel funded and currently developing its first commercial prototypes.

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