About This Project

Crafting Unique Vocal Identities

Assistive communication powered by humans, empowering humans.

How do you create custom synthetic voices?

The creation of a custom vocal persona is a two-part process which involves the recording and blending of voices. We leverage the power of social collaboration to gather recordings from speech donors who are passionate about giving the gift of voice. Using our cutting-edge voice blending technology, we craft a vocal identity that is both authentic and understandable.

Just what is this “cutting-edge technology” that blends the voices?

VocaliD began with the realization that even those with limited speech have unique vocal identities that could and should be harnessed. Our patent pending technology builds on years of speech science research and theory to combine the recipient’s voice characteristics with a database of speech recordings from a matched donor. The result is a hybrid voice that preserves the clarity of the donor’s recordings but conveys as much of the recipient’s vocal identity as possible.