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Menon Laboratories
About This Project

Menon Laboratories, Inc. is a start-up venture spun out from the Advanced Nanomaterials Laboratory at Northeastern University. We are developing filtration membranes and full scale filtration solutions based on titania nanotubes for the treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater. In this talk I will give a brief description of our journey from the lab scale research to industry level R&D and potential commercialization.

Prof. Menon has a Phd in Experimental condensed matter physics from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai and an MBA degree from Northeastern University. She is also the Principal Investigator of the Advanced Nanomaterials Research laboratory at Northeastern University where she conducts and supervises research in the area of nanomaterials, specifically porous alumina, titania nanotubes, gallium nitride nanowires, etc. She is particularly interested in transferring the research from the lab scale to industry. She is also the Founder of a start-up company, Menon Laboratories, Inc. that is developing titania nanotube based filtration membranes for water treatment. She has co-authored more than 85 publications in peer-reviewed research journals and has 3 published patents and 1 issued patent. She has secured over $6M in funding from federal, state, corporation and private funding sources for the research group and the company. She is elected Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Mining and Mineralization (IOM3) and Institute of Physics (IOP).

Value Proposition


Approximately 21 billion barrels of heavily contaminated water are drawn from oil and gas wells annually, and methods for recycling “produced water” are inefficient and costly.


Design a superior filter combining high flow rates with remarkable purity that, simultaneously, eliminates “fouling” (i.e., clogging).



Latika Menon

Director of Technology

Eugen Panaitescu

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