Recognizing GapFund360 Awardees

GapFund360 works. Full stop.

A full cycle after the launch of CRI’s GapFund360 and the proof is in the product. In 2018, GapFund360 awarded $250,000 to 5 of Northeastern’s pioneering technologies. By the end of 2019, 5 startup ventures have been created.*   

GapFund360 closed out 2019 by completing its second cycle of funding, including the first issuing of Phase II $100,000 awards.

With a total of $850,000 committed to accelerating and de-risking techs, it’s time to celebrate. It’s time to recognize the success of awardees and of the program itself. Enter the GapFund360 Awards Luncheon.

Event of Distinction

Coming together to recognize 2018 & 2019, Phase I & II Awardees and to promote the growth of GapFund360, Northeastern leadership, research faculty, center directors, and pivotal staff gathered alongside GapFund360 selection committee members, past (and future) applicants, and program advocates at the Alumni Center to celebrate.

The luncheon was punctuated by compelling remarks from Provost Jim Bean, newly minted Director of Entrepreneurship Ted Werth, GapFund360 lead Joel Bresler, and GapFund360 success story Jeffrey Ruberti as well as research pitches by 2019 awardees.

Remarks and pitches left attendees with a deep sense of Northeastern’s commitment to mobilizing technologies that take seriously the grand challenges facing local and global communities.

Furthermore, attendees left inspired by the opportunity for impact that accompany such grand challenges, especially in the realms of health, security, and sustainability.


Awardees Recognized

From Bouvé College of Health Sciences​, College of Engineering, College of Science, and Khoury College of Computer Sciences come the following 2019 Phase I & II Awardees:

PHASE I AWARDEES | $50,000 each

Hypoxia-inducing Cryogels: A Hassle-free and Low-cost Hypoxic Cell Culture Solution
Sidi Bencherif, Thibault Colombani, Zachary Rogers 

Physics-informed Neural Network Platforms for Targeted Design and Manufacturing of Soft Materials
Safa Jamali, Mohammadamin Mahmoudabadbozchelou 

A-Eye: A Nanotechnology and AI-assisted Artificial Cone Cell Capable of Color and Spectral Recognition
Swastik Kar, Sarah OstadabbasDavoud Hejazi 

ScanDrop Technology for Precision Single-cell Analyses of Cancer Immunotherapies
Tania Konry, Giovanni Ugolini, Saheli Sarkar 

Production of Chemotherapeutic Drugs from the Periwinkle Plant
Carolyn Lee-Parsons 

AI-powered Wireless Network Operating System
Tommaso Melodia, Salvatore D’Oro, Lorenzo Bertizzolo, Leonardo Bonati 

PHASE II AWARDEES | $100,000 each 

Contactless Wireless Energy Transfer: Anywhere, Anytime Charging Surfaces
Kaushik Chowdhury, Yousof Naderi, Ufuk Muncuk, Kai Li, Jerry Gu 

Uniquely Engineered Nontoxic Mn-ferrite Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Vincent Harris, Parisa Andalib 

Battery-less Infrared Sensor Tags for Reliable Occupancy Sensing (BISTROS)
Matteo Rinaldi, Zhenyun Qian, Sungho Kang 

Looking Ahead

Keep an eye out for upcoming News@Northeastern stories featuring GapFund360 researchers, and visit GapFund360 to learn more.

*GapFund360 Ventures

DeepCharge by Kaushik Chowdhury. AInnovation by Raymond Fu. TBD by Vincent Harris. RegenX by Jeffrey Ruberti. Zepsor by Matteo Rinaldi.

GapFund Awardees

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