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Pre-Launch Briefing

Preparing to Spin Out a Hard-Tech Startup

Gain insight in startup best practices

You’re created something interesting and exciting in the lab, published a few papers (and hopefully) filed some patents first!) and are wondering what to do next. Dr. Mike Fuerstman, Principal, and Becky Wilson, Associate, at Rhapsody Venture Partners will walk through questions you should be asking and answering about your technology and your objections to figure out the best path forward – whether it’s a startup or something else entirely. The team will provide insights based on Rhapsody’s approach with its portfolio companies in hard tech along with concrete examples and best practices.

Event Details

Thursday, June 17 , 2021
Microsoft Teams
12:00 – 1:30 EST


Mike Rhapsody
Mike Fuerstman, Principal
Rhapsody Venture Partners
Becky Wilson
Rebecca Wilson, Associate
Rhapsody Venture Partners