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Accell 360 White

Accell360 is your guide to building a successful startup from inception to exit. Offering a comprehensive suite of vetted resources, Accell360 empowers you to realize the commercial potential of your technological discovery. The Accell360 roadmap comprises 6 stages, each corresponding to a phase of the business life cycle: Educate, Validate, Formulate, Incorporate, Operate, Iterate.

Rise Blue Logo

RISE is your all access pass to Northeastern’s vibrant research community. Meet the minds, see the research, and feel the energy at RISE, Northeastern’s Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo.

RISE Intro Video

Inno Ed Logo Dark

Where Northeastern innovators learn from experts about protecting intellectual property, launching startups, and commercializing technologies. Experts learning from experts: InnoEd.

Gapfund Logo

The GapFund360 helps Northeastern’s researchers bridge the gap between promising lab results and demonstrating a commercially viable prototype. We offer grants and programs designed to catalyze our state-of-the-art technologies, advancing innovation through prototyping, validation, and industry input.

Pathways To Partnership

By pairing R&D needs with Northeastern capabilities, Pathways to Partnership events are an invitation to create customized solutions.