Potentiality in View: NU Ventures Showcased at MATTO Event

Sweeping views of Boston from the UMass Club on the 32nd floor of One Beacon Street. The Hancock, the Pru, the Common, the harbor, the Blue Hills … captivating all.

It was not the Boston skyline on display, however, but 19 New England entrepreneurs pitching their burgeoning enterprises to inquisitive investors at the Venture Showcase presented by the Massachusetts Association of Technology Transfer Offices (MATTO).

Invited because they had previously secured grant or seed funding ($19 million total), these ventures, representing 10 leading academic institutions (e.g., MIT, Harvard, BU, etc.), came prepared to exhibit the stunning panorama of their commercial potential.

Northeastern start-ups made an impressive showing. 5 of the 19 present were from NU, the most by a single institution.

Below, you will find an aerial view of each NU venture including pain points, solutions, and pathways to market.

3d Fortify Logo3D Fortify
Pain point: The inflexibility of traditional modes of materials manufacturing
Solution: Precise, customizable manufacturing of materials that are stronger, lighter, and cheaper   
Pathway: Initial market penetration through contracts with strategic partners thereby enabling a transition to lease based revenue model  

8246598BioNet Sonar
Pain point: Medical implants currently use wireless radio frequencies that are potentially cancer causing   
Solution: Employ ultrasonic waves that are safe, longer lasting, and enable real-time monitoring
Pathway: Enter market with GlucoPet, a sugar monitoring system for diabetic companion animals

Pain point: Sampling make-up today, whether at the counter or online, is a guessing game — sometimes a hassle, but generally, costly for both consumers and retailers     
Solution: Simple, instant, affordable software/hardware that facilitates virtual make-up sampling (in-person & online) with exact color-matching customized to face-shapes, skin tones, and textures
Pathway:  Equip online retailers and make-up counters with a Magic Mirror powered by superior artificial intelligence technology

Nano OpsNano-Ops
Pain point: Equipment for printing electronics is currently unrefined and slow, capable of printing only low-end components with a limited range of materials
Solution: Equipment that is 1000x faster, printing 1000x smaller, and utilizes a broad range of organic and inorganic materials
Pathway: Print nano-sensors for wearable devices in partnership with established electronics companies that provide constant and accurate sugar level monitoring for diabetics

Neurofieldz LogoNeuroFieldz
Pain point: Detection methods for neuro-visual disorders such as glaucoma, traumatic brain injury, and multiple sclerosis are immobile, subjective, and time-intensive
Solution: A portable, easy-to-use device capable of objectively monitoring brain activity
Pathway: Provide clinicians with the mobile monitoring device that has an established billing code and FDA approval pathway  

If one or more of these proven ventures piques your interest, contact us and we will gladly facilitate an introduction.

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Written by Brice Tennant.
Cover photo by brooksbos. All rights reserved.
Girian photo by Djuraganutjulphotograffi. All rights reserved.

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