NeuroFieldz, Inc.

About This Project

NeuroFieldz’ technology enables functional brain imaging at higher temporal and spatial resolution than current EEG or MEG.

Value Proposition

The Electric Field Encephalography (EFEG) system for brain signal monitoring is comprised of a system using a high density array of sensors and software to measure and analyze the electric fields generated by the brain, arising from intrinsic activity or external stimuli.

Compared with MEG (which measures the magnetic field), EFEG has higher spatial resolution

  • Does not require expensive bulky cryogenic equipment
  • Field-deployable

Compared with EEG (which measures the electric potential on the scalp), EFEG is reference-less

  • Leads to increased number of uncorrelated signals
  • Improves source reconstruction precision
  • Provides dynamic information on millisecond time scales which is much faster than fMRI