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Zephyr Energy Corporation’s Windbeam energy harvesting technology has been garnering industry attention since being featured in a recent article published on Engineering.com.

The Windbeam is an innovative micro wind generator that can capture energy from airflow to recharge batteries and power electronic devices. Unlike wind turbines, the Windbeam harnesses the motion of a rapidly oscillating beam to generate electricity. The Windbeam’s unique design and performance attributes – low cut-in wind speed, safe and silent operation, and low-cost – make it well suited for Internet of Things applications (e.g. smart building HVAC sensors and dampers) and providing clean renewable energy to people in developing regions.

The Windbeam technology has evolved from a lab bench prototype at Northeastern University to several field-demonstrated units tailored for specific applications. Zephyr Energy is currently collaborating with Epec Engineered Technologies to pair its energy generator with energy storage solutions. Epec, LLC is a New Bedford-based firm specializing in the design and manufacturing of rechargeable battery systems and other build-to-print products for all sectors of the electronics industry.

In December 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted a utility patent for the core Windbeam technology. Zephyr Energy is actively pursuing strategic partnership and IP licensing opportunities.

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