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Beeping. Drilling. Pounding. Digging. Lifting.

These are sounds frequently heard around Northeastern’s campus these days. These are the Sounds of Growth. Expansion.

When you walk into the Center for Research Innovation, you hear a different, but related, sound — the Sound of Opportunity.

Recently, the CRI encouraged a number of Northeastern’s premier spin-outs to take up the tune of opportunity by inviting them to present their pioneering ventures at the Open Innovation Conference hosted by Fleming Events in downtown Boston.

Before a prestigious audience of executives representing the city’s diverse commercial landscape, the following Northeastern spin-outs vocalized the chords of innovation:

Menon Laboratories

Leveraging the power of nanotechnology to purify an increasingly scarce resource: water.


Calming minds or catching cancer: 3Derm’s rapid response, referral imaging process deftly detects Melanoma in its earliest stages.


Monitoring the brain’s activity with unprecedented sensitivity, NeuroFieldz’s technology enhances traumatic recovery, magnifies performance, and augments human-machine interaction.  


To boldly go where no sensor has gone before. 3-Spark’s capacity to embed sensors via 3D printing makes futuristic data collection a present reality.  

Offering commentary on the occasion, Sri Sridhar, founder of NeuroFieldz, enthusiastically notes,It was a high energy event. We were able to demo the NeuroDot brain sensor to a wide audience of experts across the Innovation spectrum.”

And, the CRI’s founding director, Tracey Dodenhoff, also a panelist at the conference, remarks, As a result of this initial exposure, these NU spin-outs have forged valuable connections that are morphing into advantageous synergies.”

Discovering. Making. Crafting. Delivering.

This is the CRI at work.

Thank you, Fleming Events for the window of time.

Thank you Menon Laboratories, 3Derm, NeuroFieldz, and 3-Spark for seizing the moment.

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