Northeastern Shines on Entrepreneurial Draft Day

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The NFL. The NBA. The NHL. All have draft days.

Young athletes vying for coveted selection, for validation, for life-altering opportunity.  

Years of voracious training: sculpting mind and body to attain superior, on command performance.

Draft day is the Day of Reckoning. The day the Chosen few are called forth to …

Work harder.

Train smarter.

Learn from the best.

MassChallenge is the NFL, NBA, NHL of entrepreneurship.

With a mission to “catalyze a startup renaissance,” MassChallenge is creating a culture that beckons the ambitious, the brave, the innovative to undertake rigorous mentoring and to master the treacherous landscape of scaling.

And, with success. MassChallenge has accelerated 835 startups that have raised over a billion in venture funding, earned $575 million in revenue, and generated 8,500 jobs over the past 7 years.

Each year MassChallenge selects Some to join the ranks of the Accelerated.

This year, QSM Diagnostics and Therapeutic Innovations, startups from Northeastern’s entrepreneurial matrix, have received the prized distinction of draft day selection.

1700+ potential candidates. 128 chosen. QSM Diagnostics and Therapeutic Innovations are among them.  

QSM Diagnostics: creating ultra-sensors capable of detecting infection within seconds

Therapeutic Innovations: reducing the cost of medical devices through redesign so that children worldwide can receive advanced medical care   

As draftees, QSM and Therapeutic’s leaders begin a formidable 4 month training regime consisting of session with carefully paired mentors, educational workshops, potent networking, office space, and the chance to win a piece of a $1.5 million zero-equity award. 

We congratulate you, QSM Diagnostics and Therapeutic Innovations, and wish you luck.

Luck, however, favors the prepared, which you are.

Your determination and skill have served you well.

Your guts, grit, and quicks will surely maximize your chances of signing that record-breaking, draft day deal.

Get to it!

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Feature image – Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University.

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