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Having a designated wingman or wingwoman is the best. It just makes things easier. Wingpeople are like icebreaking vessels, they do the heavy labor and create safe passage for those who follow behind. Goodbye ice, hello clear waters.

A wingman works through all those awkward first moments. Tests the waters, cracks those first smiles, generates interest. A wingwoman reads the terrain and vets for potential: quality control.

Wingpeople create opportunity. They say the things we cannot say without appearing self-absorbed, forward, conceited — deft wingpeople make us look calm, cool, collected. They give us the gift of humility and finesse, subtle charm, enchantment.

The Center for Research Innovation (CRI) doubles as a wingperson for Northeastern spin outs, technologies, and labs. We brag about your strengths and successes, cultivating a landscape of rapport and goodwill, preparing the way for your gracious, suave entrance.  

Recently, the CRI wingmanned for StreetScan by nominating them for Boston Patent Law Association’s “Invented Here!” award.

BPLA’s Invented Here! serves to recognize New England inventors and innovations for the purpose of “transforming the nation’s relationship with science and technology and providing educational opportunities that inform the public.” Seems like Invented Here! might be a good match for our pal, StreetScan.  

Over the lifetime of Invented Here!, BPLA has recognized “49 inventions and over 170 inventors for their contributions to the greater good.” It is our hope that StreetScan becomes the 50th invention on this esteemed list.

StreetScan is a multidimensional, rapid-sensor technology system that is revolutionizing roadway inspection. Most inspections are currently conducted visually (requiring extensive lane closures, man-hours, and traffic congestion) and result in unsystematic and fragmentary outcomes that leave transportation officials to make highly subjective decisions about the allocation of scarce resources. With StreetScan’s pioneering system, municipal resources are utilized with greater objectivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, which translates into drivers saving time and money and stress — clearly, a contribution to the common good.

See, the wingperson breaks the ice and brings the hype; you, you’re responsible for delivering.

The best wingpeople, like the CRI, actually believe in those they promote.

So, next time you’re going out and want a wingperson, give us a call and we’ll pave the way.

To learn about other pioneering start ups from Northeastern, read “Northeastern Shines on Entrepreneurial Draft Day.”

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