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BPLAThe Center for Research Innovation is proud to announce that Northeastern Professors and Entrepreneurs Yung Joon Jung and Swastik Kar have been named Honored Nominees in this year’s Invented Here! contest hosted by the Boston Patent Law Association (BPLA).

About Invented Here!

Invented Here! was first hosted by the BPLA in 2010 with the purpose of celebrating New England inventors and their inventions. Since 2010, Invented Here! has recognized 49 inventions and over 170 inventors for their work, highlighting those contributions that display significant ingenuity and profound innovation. Now, Kar and Jung are two of the newest members to join the ranks of the honored few.

Jung and Kar’s work changes the way we go about detecting minute and imperceptible changes in our environment such as monitoring vacuum pressure or detecting radiation. They have developed a unique ion-sensor that relies on the inherent properties of certain materials rather than bulky and expensive electronic equipment. The result is a smaller, lighter, and more effective sensor.

Swastik Kar_Yung Joon JungGaurdion’s Tech

Guardion, Jung and Kar’s spinout, was founded at Northeastern in December of 2017 with the purpose of developing and commercializing their novel ion-sensing technology. The ion-sensor has practical applications in manufacturing, carefully monitoring the environment for changes in vacuum pressure. This is especially useful in the production of sensitive electronics, such as computer chips, which require a very specific and consistent environment to produce viable equipment.

Gauardion’s technology also has potential uses in national security and monitoring nuclear power plants. Where modern radiation detectors are still clunky and weighed down by excess electronic equipment necessary to amplify detected signals, Gaurdion’s sensor requires no additional equipment to produce noticeable results, making it lightweight and thus more versatile than existing models.

Event Details

Invented Here! takes place on November 17th. Due to the global pandemic, the awards event will be held virtually via Remo, an online video-conferencing platform. Follow this link to register and then prepare yourself to engage some of New England’s most groundbreaking honored inventors. You can also read more about Jung, Kar and their work with Gaurdion here.

Written by Joseph Burns

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Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University.

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