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Remember when we had to write checks to pay bills? Licking envelopes, finding stamps…

Remember going to the movie store on Friday night? Literally going outside, browsing aisles, and coming back with a physical object in hand?

Remember, before the glorious age of Uber, standing curbside in the chilling rain, trying to hail a taxi?

Online bill pay, Amazon, Uber: these have made our lives simpler. The complexity of multiple steps reduced to keystrokes.

MesoGlue is the transformative game-changer, the multiplying simplifier, of soldering.

Processes like electronics manufacturing and pipefitting and common, everyday glueing — changed. Forever.

TechCrunch calls MesoGlue “an amazing development,” “a boon for high-performance computing folks,” and “a really cool technology that may change the way we make electronics.”

What used to require expensive equipment, extreme temperatures, and complicated steps upon steps upon steps has now been reduced to room temperature, straightforward application.

MesoGlue is the Google of glue.

See for yourself. Watch this brief introduction.

Interested in more revolutionary technologies? Read this article surveying some of Northeastern’s other pioneering spin-outs.  


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