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“Studies suggest that long-standing personal contacts … are the most effective means by which commercial entities are introduced to emerging technologies.”*

This statement reflects an impetus behind the launch of Pathways to Partnership, the CRI’s newest program.

Pathways to Partnership is a series of panel events bringing Northeastern researchers and industry R&D professionals into direct contact. Each Pathways event focuses on distinct specializations in order to encourage robust partnerships between Northeastern labs and commercial R&D programs seeking customized solutions.

Building on Success

After a successful launch at RISE:2017, Pathways’ second installment, “Finding Drugs, Foiling Disease,” brought a select panel of Northeastern’s drug discovery experts like Drs. Kim Lewis, Mansoor Amiji, and Diomedes Logothetis together with representatives from companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma, and Santen. Panelists discussed research foci, capabilities, and partnering points and R&D professionals jotted notes and teased out points of convergence through keen questions.   

Northeastern early stage ventures and projects also received time in the spotlight. Dr. Shashi Murthy pitched Flaskworks (which manufactures MicroDen, the most efficient and cost-effective dendritic cell generator on the market) alongside Dr. Jonathan Tilly who outlined an high-powered mitochondrial DNA sequencing technology capable of mapping molecular trajectories and timelines — just a sample of the opportunity presented at Pathways.

Upcoming Pathways Event


Planning for the next installment of Pathways is underway and slated for Spring 2018. Advanced materials, mixing in a little 3D printing and nanocoatings for good measure. If there is a research specialization of particular interest to you, email and let us know; suggestions are certainly welcome.

Pathways to Partnerships events facilitate introduction to emerging technologies and the labs behind them, but this is just the beginning. Pathways events cultivate partnership — partnerships aimed at addressing critical needs that are socially impactful and economically beneficial. Solutions derived from these partnerships are groundbreaking, customized, and ready to be implemented. Simply put, Pathways is purposeful partnering for emerging solutions.


Partner with Northeastern.

Minimize Risk. Maximize Insights. Multiply Results.

Visit Pathways to Partnership to learn more about the capabilities, technologies, and people powering Pathways solutions.

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*  “Technology Transfer: From the Research Bench to Commercialization: Part 2: The Commercialization Process” by Gail A.Van Norman and Roï Eisenkot in JACC: Basic to Translational Science, April 2017.


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