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Top 100 NAISince its founding in 2010, the National Academy of Inventors has published a list of the Top 100 Universities to have been granted U.S. utility patents from across the world. Since 2015, Northeastern University has held a placed in top 100 and continues this streak through 2019.

The National Academy of Inventors is a member organization comprising U.S. and international universities and government and non-profit research institutes, boasting in excess of 4,000 members over 250 institutions. NAI was founded with the purpose of increasing the visibility of technology and innovations in academia and encouraging the disclosure of intellectual property.

Northeastern ranks in NAI’s top 100 alongside academic giants such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, the Regents of the University of California, and New York University, to name but a select few.

This should come as no surprise. Northeastern has continually sought to connect the pursuit of knowledge in academia to practical implementation in industry; a trait made obvious in the famed co-op experiential learning pedagogy practiced in their myriad curricula. The theme of use-inspired research follows this methodology, and it offers faculty and students alike the opportunity to bring their technology from the theoretical realms of academia to industrial models in a working market.

Northeastern strives to aid the tireless efforts of its entrepreneurial constituents, offering programs and services that allow researchers to focus on their research rather than vex themselves with obstacles in areas that lie outside their expertise, such as legal, financial or administrative matters related to intellectual property. The Center for Research Innovation is here for Northeastern researchers, helping bridge the gap between practice and patent, empowering the innovators to innovate.

It is the brilliant body of faculty and students that have put Northeastern in NAI’s top 100 and kept us there for five years running. At the CRI, we aim to ensure Northeastern continues to climb to the top by providing our researchers with the tools to make the transition from idea to industry as straightforward as possible.

Northeastern 2019 U.S. Utility Patents by College & Inventor

College of Engineering

3 Patents

Ahmed Busnaina – 1. Damascene Template for Directed Assembly and Transfer of Nanoelements, 2. High Rate Electric Field Driven Nanoelement Assembly on an Insulated Surface, 3. Interfacial Convective Assembly for High Aspect Ratio Structures without Surface Treatment

Jose Angel Martinez Lorenzo – 1. Ultrasonic-based system for detection of metallic security threats containers on cargo, 2. On the Move Millimeter Wave Interrogation System with a Hallway of Multiple Transmitters and Receivers, 3. Characterization of dielectric slabs attached to the body using focused millimeter waves

Constantinos Mavroidis – 1. Curved Bearing Contact System, 2. Gear Stabilization Techniques, 3. Gait Training System And Methods

2 Patents

Auroop Ganguly – 1. Software system for generating and analyzing quantitative restoration and recovery strategies and scenarios for man-made and natural complex networks 2. System for Multivariate Climate Change Forecasting with Uncertainty Quantification

Tommaso Melodia – 1. Ultrasonic Network for Wearable Devices, 2. Ultrasonic Multiplexing Network for Implantable Medical Device

Carey Rappaport – 1. On the Move Millimeter Wave Interrogation System with a Hallway of Multiple Transmitters and Receivers, 2. Characterization of dielectric slabs attached to the body using focused millimeter waves

Matteo Rinaldi – 1. Zero Power Sensors 2. Piezoelectric MEMS Resonator Technology with Integrated Phase Change Material Switches

Thomas Webster – 1. Nanostructured Surfaces 2. Nanostructured Bacteria-Resistant Polymer Materials

1 Patent

Mahshid AmirabadiPower Conversion Devices and Control Methods Therefor

Debra AugusteCationic Polymers as Co-Drugs for chemotherapeutic Agents

Rebecca CarrierDevice for Controlled Apical Flow in Cell Culture Inserts

Yun FuSystem for Beauty, Cosmetic, and Fashion Analysis

Edgar Goluch – Diagnostic System and Process for Rapid Bacterial Infection Diagnosis

Bradley LehmanMethod for AC arc fault detection using multidimensional energy points

Laura LewisRare Earth-Free Permanent Magnetic Material

Purnima Ratilal-MakrisSystems and Methods for Monitoring and Classifying Marine Animals based on Acoustic Signals

Jeffery RubertiMechanochemical Collagen Assembly

Ming L. WangWireless SWNT Sensor Integrated with Microfluidic System for Various Liquid Sensing Applications

Edmund Meng YehSystem and Method for Joint Dynamic Forwarding and Caching in Content Distribution Networks

Bouvé College of Health Sciences

2 Patents

Mansoor M. Amiji – 1. Nanoemulsion Compositions of Taxoid Drugs, and Methods for the Use Thereof to Target Cancel Cells and Cancer Stem Cells 2. Multi-Compartmental Macrophage Delivery

1 Patent

John Aristizabal, Mitul Shah, Asim Mittal Systems, Apparatus and Methods for Delivery and Augmentation of Behavior Modification Therapy and Teaching

Alexandros MakriyannisCannabinergic Nitrate Esters And Related Analogs

Ganeshsingh ThakurAllosteric Modulators of CB1 Cannabinoid Receptors

College of Science

1 Patent

Heather ClarkCompositions and Methods for Measurement of Analytes

Robert HansonEstrogen Receptor Imaging Agents

Sanjeev MukerjeeNon-Noble Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Depolarized Cathodes and Their Uses

Michael PollastriAryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR) Modifiers as Novel Cancer Therapeutics


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Interested in licensing tech? Email Mark Saulich, Associate Director of Commercialization.

Written by Joseph Burns

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