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Evolution is Here

The Center for Research Innovation has ideated, designed, and implemented an Inventor Portal where you can now disclose your invention online. (Yes! Online)

The Inventor Portal is a one-stop shop for you: Northeastern innovators aiming to disclose and commercialize your inventions. The Portal offers an Online Disclosure Form that can be edited and re-edited and can remain in draft status until you are ready to hit ‘Submit’ – saving you the hassle of rewriting, reprinting, and resending. It also streamlines communication by providing a dashboard that allows you to track the patent and commercialization status of individual disclosures and your online portfolio. Think of it as FedEx tracking for your patents.

This online platform not only provides ease, but also improved performance. The revamped form helps you answer important questions that will strengthen your patent application and augment commercialization efforts. In other words, less talk with legal, more talk with industry.

With the Inventor Portal, disclosing your innovation is more efficient and more effective. So, say goodbye to frustrating paperwork and hello to easy documentation.

Getting Started

First step: Create an Account.
This one-time step gives you permanent access to the Inventor Portal dashboard.

Second step: Disclose.
Become familiar with the instructions and launch the online submission form.

After October 31st all invention disclosures must come through the Inventor Portal, so make sure to visit the CRI’s redesigned Inventors Page for step-by-step instruction and related resources.   

If you need technical support or have questions regarding the disclosure process, please email us.

Thank you for using the CRI’s New Inventor Portal!



Feature image – Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University.

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