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Ever been the last person to hear about that “great” band playing?

The one with the flip phone amidst a sea of “smart” phones?

… buying CDs while everyone else uses Spotify?

Well, no need to be that guy or girl any longer! Move into the know, now.

Here’s the scoop.

Northeastern University has been recognized as the 6th leading innovative school in the country by US News & World Report. Ahead of Harvard, USC, Duke, Cornell …. and hundreds and thousands and millions of others.

How did Northeastern receive such an accolade? By being awesome of course!

No, really, how?

To compile a list of the most innovative universities, US News & World Report asked “college presidents, provosts and admissions deans” to nominate institutions pioneering innovation in areas such as “curriculum, faculty, students, campus life, technology or facilities.”

In order to even make the list, an institution had to be nominated a minimum of seven times.

Fact: being 6th on the list requires more than just seven.

Ok, enough braggadocio, get to the point.

The point is this, if you want to be the one breaking the bell curve, the one leading the charge, the one setting the trend, then you want to be aware of the mechanisms driving innovation at Northeastern.

One of these mechanisms is the Center for Research Innovation (CRI).  

The CRI’s mission of “bridging the gap between laboratory research and need-based solutions” is achieved through a host of effectual resources.

Delivering groundbreaking solutions to nettling problems  

The confluence of research and industry engendering inventiveness

Matchmaking adept entrepreneurs with auspicious technologies and giving money for the first date

Spin-out Guidance
Providing strategic advisement, nimble resources, and funding avenues  

Intellectual Property Oversight
Promoting invention disclosures, filing patents, protecting inventors

Award Winning Professionals
A team that takes expertise to the next level

Feels good to be in the know, yes? It not only feels good; it pays.

Stay in the Know.

Follow us for more hyperbolic usefulness.


Feature image – Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University.

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