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Top 100 Worldwide Universities

Every year since 2010 has seen the National Academy of Inventors publish a list of the Top 100 Universities all over the world to have been granted U.S utility patents. For the sixth year in a row, Northeastern University has secured a place in the NAI Top 100 list without showing any signs of slowing down.

Founded in 2010 as a member organization with the goal of motivating and recognizing inventors who hold patents from the U.S Patent and Trademark Office, the National Academy of Inventors is parent to over 4000 members from 250 institutions. The organization bears improving visibility in innovation and technology in academia, emboldening intellectual property disclosure, and mentoring and educating enterprising students as its mission.

In NAI’s Top 100 list for 2020, Northeastern University finds itself rightfully recognized and ranked not only among neighbors such as University of Massachusetts, Tufts University, Boston University but also amid peers like California Institute of Technology, Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Northeastern has perennially striven to bridge the gap between academia and industry and has achieved tremendous strides of progress in doing so through its competitive curriculum, and experiential learning program. Usability and feasibility are core values of Northeastern University’s research body. Embodying the spirit behind the need of realistic, yet pioneering, research provides our resident scientists the much-coveted opportunity to traverse from theory to practice.

Through felicitously offering need-based solutions and resources, the Center for Research Innovation accelerates the problem-solving process for researchers and offers them the freedom to concentrate their expertise where it is most needed – in the research.

Northeastern University boasts an academic body whose dedication and impressive results in their work ensured that the institution kept its rightful place in the NAI Top 100 for the sixth year running. To ensure that Northeastern’s ascent towards excellence stays on this trajectory, we at the CRI equip our researchers with the instruments that make the path from innovation to reality as clear as possible. The best might be yet to come, but this is the best yet.


Northeastern 2020 U.S Utility Patents by College & Inventor

College of Engineering

3 Patents

Randall Erb – 1. Three Dimensional Mineralization Printer, 2. Electromagnetic System to Magnetically Align Discontinuous Composite Fibers Printed from a Direct-Write 3D Printer, 3. Methods For The Manufacture of Thermal Interfaces, and Articles Comprising The Same

2 Patents

Tommasso Melodia – 1. Ultrasonic Multiplexing Network for Implantable Medical Devices, 2. Internet-linked Ultrasonic Network for Medical Devices

1 Patent

Ahmed Busnaina, Sivasubramanian SomuDamascene Template for Directed Assembly and Transfer of Nanoelements

Cristian Cassella, Matteo RinaldiMicroelectromechanical Resonant Circulator (MIRC)

Carlos Hidrovo ChavezAn Integrated Microfluidic Platform for Liquid-in-gas Droplet Digital Biochemical Sensing

Kaushik Chowdhury, Yousof NaderiSoftware-Defined Control Plane for Distributed Wireless Energy Transfer System

Charles DiMarzioMethods, Systems, and Devices for Optical Sectioning 

Raymond Fu Segmentation Guided Image-to-Image Translation with Adversarial Networks

Auroop GangulySystem for Networking and Analyzing Geospatial Gata, Human Infrastructure, and Natural Elements

Hanchen HuangLow-Temperature Welding with Spaced Nanorods and Eutectic Alloys

Yung Joon Jung, Swastik Kar (COS)Fabrication of Carbon Nanoribbons from Carbon Nanotube Arrays 

Sungho Kang, Matteo RinaldiZero Power Plasmonic Microelectromechanical Device 

Gregory KowalskiStop-Start Method in a Microfluidic Calorimeter

Amirabadi MahshidHighly Reliable and Compact Universal Power Converter

Jose Angel Martinez-LorenzoCompressive Coded Antenna/Meta-Antenna 

Tommasso Melodia, Emrecan Demirors Method And Apparatus for Software-defined Radio with Timing, Phase, and Frequency Synchronization

Shashi Murthy – Dendritic Cell Generator

Marvin OnabojoLow-Power Transmitter Architecture for Wireless Communication with Binary Frequency Shift Keying using Frequencies in the Medical Implant Communication Service Band

Elizabeth Podlaha-MurphyBiomolecular processing platform and uses thereof

Rifat SipahiValidating and Computing Stability Limits of Human-In-The-Loop Adaptive Control Systems 

Srinivas TadigadappaBiochemical Sensing Using Microbubbles on a Chip Using Whispering Gallery Mode Resonance

Ming Wang, Wenjun ZhangSaliva Glucose Monitoring System 

Nian Xiang SunPower Efficient and Ultra-compact Magnetoelectric VLF Communication System with Direct Modulation of Magnetoelectric Antennas

Hongli(Julie) ZhuLignin Electrolyte Flow Battery

College of Science

2 Patents

Sanjeev Mukerjee – 1. Nitrogen-functionalized Platinum-Iridium Electrocatalyst, 2. Non-noble Metal Based ODC Cathodes for Chlorine Evolution Processes

Srinivas Sridhar – 1. Biopolymer-nanoparticle composite implant for tumor cell tracking, 2. Biomaterials for combined radiotherapy and immunotherapy of cancer

1 Patent

Slava EpsteinNanofluidic Device for Isolating, Growing, and Characterizing Microbial Cells 

Neel JoshiGenetic Reprogramming of Bacterial Biofilms 

Swastik Kar, Meni WanunuLow Noise Ultrathin Freestanding Membranes Composed of Atomically-Thin 2D Materials 

Dmitri KrioukovGeohyperbolic Routing and Addressing Schemes for Telecommunication Networks

Alexandros Makriyannis Urea/Carbamates FAAH MAGL or Dual FAAH/MAGL Inhibitors and Uses Thereof 

Alexandros Makriyannis, Alexander ZvonokN-acylethanolamine Hydrolyzing Acid Amidase (NAAA) Inhibitors and Use Thereof

Latika MenonFiltering Article Containing Titania Nanotubes 

Jonathon Tilly, Dori WoodsMethods for Growth and Maturation of Ovarian Follicles 

Meni WanunuPinhole Zero-Mode Waveguides

Ke ZhangMaking Oligonucleotides Better Biopharmaceuticals with Brush Polymer-Assisted Compaction

Bouvé College of Health Sciences

2 Patents

Tania Konry – 1. Novel Bioassay Platform for Drug and Immunotherapy Screenings, 2. Live Single-Cell Bioassay in Micro-Droplets

1 Patent

Raymond BoothCompounds and Methods for Modulating Serotonin Receptors in the Periphery 

Dmitri KrioukovGeohyperbolic Routing and Addressing Schemes for Telecommunication Networks

D’Amore-McKim School of Business

1 Patent

Shuyang WangSystem for beauty, cosmetic, and fashion analysis 


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Written by Vijay Harisudan Sivasekar

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