Metamagnetics Develops New Next-Generation Radar Technologies

Metamagnetics Inc. is a veteran-owned, small business in Canton, Massachusetts, that has been incorporated since 2008. It is a spin-out from Northeastern University’s Center for Microwave Magnetic Materials and Integrated Circuits, known on campus as CM3IC.

Metamagnetics develops novel microwave materials and devices for use in microwave and millimeter-wave electronics and multifunctional integrated circuits. It seeks to develop leading edge technologies that operate well beyond current operational limits, especially in the area of radar, communication, sensing and other high-frequency electromagnetic technologies.

The founders of Metamagnetics explained that what is now a seven-person company began as a conversation in a kitchen over a few cool beverages on a hot day. That informal discussion evolved into Metamagnetics, Inc. with important and helpful advice and advocacy from the Center for Research Innovation (CRI) at Northeastern University that continues today.

“Before CRI was established there was no mechanism to embrace entrepreneurial activities, to foster the proper context with small business creation,” said Dr. Vincent Harris, company founder, and the Northeastern professor who directs the university’s Center for Microwave Magnetic Materials and Integrated Circuits. “CRI created an environment where entrepreneurship was not only embraced but championed. It was applauded and celebrated.”

“We love the fact that Northeastern has taken us under their wing,” said Elaine Trudell, Metamagnetics’ President and Chief Operations Officer. “[CRI director] Tracey Dodenhoff is a tremendous advocate,” added Trudell. “We were very much engaged by Tracey—and, whenever she saw a chance to help us out, she went out and paved the way.”

The Metamagnetics Inc. research staff is composed of Ph.D. scientists, some who graduated from the CM3IC, and expert consultants that include experienced faculty and engineers who have more than ten decades of experience in these fields. Together, they work with business and the military to develop next generation radar technologies that are lighter, cheaper and perform better.

One current use is with unmanned aerial vehicles, better known as drones to gather information and provide security. Metamagnetics also develops broadband integrated systems and low profile antenna designs that impact a broad range of wireless and satellite communication applications, such as advanced wireless services (including 3G), cable TV relay, cellular service, GPS, mobile satellite, and space operation and research.

“The CRI staff continues to offer real-time advice including providing assistance negotiating exclusive licenses that will become cornerstones of the company, finding helpful contacts within the Northeastern community, and suggesting board of directors candidates and investors,” said Harris.

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