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Electronic invention disclosure forms should be completed in their entirety and electronically signed by each Northeastern inventor prior to review by CRI. You are able to complete the disclosure form in multiple sittings by saving your disclosure as a draft and resuming your work the next time you login.

What a Complete Disclosure Includes

Submit a Disclosure

Add a New Disclosure

13 New Discloure Screen
Click Add New Disclosure tab. Fill out the title and then click Create New Disclosure.
14 Discloure Screen
Once you enter the title you will be directed to fill out the disclosure. All questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required before you submit the disclosure for review. No disclosure will be reviewed until it is fully complete and submitted. NOTE: Click “Save as Draft” often as the site does not autosave.

Add Documents

16 Document Screen

In addition to filling out the questions you must add related documents to your disclosure. Multiple sections may require you to upload documents, such as a fully detailed technical description of your invention. All documents can be uploaded in Section 3. Click Upload Document to browse your computer for the documents. There is no limit to the number of files you can add to this section. If your files are larger than 10 MB please email them to

Adding Inventors to your Disclosure

Add Funding Section

Click Add Funding. You will be prompted to search our funding institutions (federal, non-federal, foundation and industry, gift, etc.) to check if a record already exists in our system.

18 Funding Screen
  • Type in the funding institution name and search our database. Select Choose if the funding institution is listed. Enter the Grant or Contract Number from the funding agency and save changes. All funding must be added separately.
  • If the funding institution is not listed click the Add a New Funding Institution. A new box will pop up to add company name and address.
  • Every grant used to fund this invention must be entered separately. Note: Failure to disclose all grant information may result in rejection of invention disclosure.
19 Funding Screen 2
21 Funding Screen 3
23 Add Company

Submit the Disclosure

Once the invention disclosure is complete, click Submit for Review in the red box labeled “Draft” or at the bottom of the disclosure. Your invention disclosure will be reviewed for completeness and may be sent back to Draft status for additional information.

24 Submit For Review
Disclosure Submit

Add Remarks

If you have any additional comments or information to add after your Invention Disclosure has been submitted, add them in the Remarks Section.

27 Add Remarks

Reviewing Technology Status

The sections labeled Technology, Patents, and Agreements will provide a status update of filed patent applications and any executed agreements.

28 Technology Patents Review