Expertise and Opportunity Engenders Innovation at Northeastern’s RISE

Innovation occurs on the fringe. On the edge of thought, experience, and knowledge. On the edge of imagination.

Innovation, however, does not occur in isolation.

The matrix of innovation, its dynamis, is inter-relation. Innovation happens when diverse people from disparate fields interconnect.

Manifold expertise commingling — this is RISE. Northeastern’s Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo.

RISE not only mobilizes Northeastern’s many schools (Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Humanities, Law, Health Science, etc.), but also enlists 120 elite judges to appraise over 450 technologies. When you add attendees, the equation compounds.

Among the judges contributing expertise to the mix, we find:

  • Ibraheem Badejo, Senior Director of New Ventures for Johnson & Johnson
    • An expert in identifying and commercializing biomaterials for medical purposes
  • Eben Berry, Principal Cybersecurity Engineer at the MITRE Corporation
    • A cybersecurity guru who seeks practical solutions to our nation’s most critical challenges
  • Sam Bobo, Relationship Manager with IBM
    • Sam takes Watson to the streets by injecting cognitive solutions into the startup ecosystem
  • Nona Cheeks, Chief of NASA’s Innovative Technology Partnerships Office
    • Simply stated, Nona transforms space technologies into living room accessories
  • Paul Foley, Managing Director at CG Capital Markets
    • With over $3 billion in managed assets, Paul knows investments
  • Wendi Yajnik, Senior Director of R&D Transactions for Sanofi
    • Establishing connections, Wendi’s forte

Introduce your expertise into the mix.

Register for RISE and Innovate.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

10:00am — 2:00pm

Northeastern University

Click here for complete event details.

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