Technologies are only valuable when they are put into action in the marketplace. The CRI incubates opportunity through its Tech2Venture (T2V) program. T2V is a pilot funding program created to identify and engage seasoned entrepreneurs in the commercialization of Northeastern’s most promising technologies.

By means of an online platform, entrepreneurs can search for enticing opportunities that match their passion and skill set. Once a technology of interest has been identified, entrepreneurs with 5+ years of related experience may submit their qualifications for review. If the match is viable, the CRI provides the burgeoning enterprise with tangible resources that promote short-term profitability and long-term success.

If you are interested in being considered forTech2Venture, please fill out the requested information and you will be entered into the candidate pool for consideration. You must have at least five years of demonstrated related experience to be considered for a Tech2Venture opportunity.

The Tech2Venture Web site is being redesigned for an even better user experience. Check back soon!