Electrifying Opportunity within REACH

Ever envision yourself as James Bond, tuxedoed out and smooth as polished steel?

Or … Ever aspire to emulate the queen of style and commanding presence, Beyoncé?

Well, you don’t need to be 007 nor the Goddess of Pop to attend Northeastern’s distinguished award ceremony, REACH.

However, you do need to be keen on being in the know.

REACH is where select RISE attendees, presenters, and judges mingle alongside Northeastern’s illustrious presidential suite with hors d’oeuvres in hand eagerly anticipating the culmination of the day’s activities — the announcement of the RISE:2016 winners.

While scores are calculated and winner medallions and crystal trophies prepared, energizing messages will be heard and the chance to connect with premier representatives from diverse industries and academic fields will be had.

Additionally, you can view a sample of Northeastern’s thriving start-up ecosystem. For example:


Calming minds or catching cancer: 3Derm’s rapid response, referral imaging process deftly detects Melanoma in its earliest stages


Igniting a conflagration of knowledge within the minds of K-12 by leveraging a proprietary online platform


Potholes, be gone! StreetScan provides pinpoint analysis of crumbling streets enabling strategic repair

Come to discover your next killer app. Your next lucrative investment. Your next career move.

Come to connect. Come to celebrate.

Beyoncé and Bond, you might not be; but, when you attend REACH you will circulate like a celebrity. Mixing with grace and style amidst opportunity that energizes like a night on the town.

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