BioPharm 2014 – CRI Represents Northeastern

The Center for Research Innovation was pleased to represent Northeastern at the BioPharm 2014 conference, which took place the week of September 22nd.  There were representatives from over 500 companies spanning across Biotech and Pharma.  The focus of the conference was on partnering opportunities.  Leading biopharmaceutical companies including Sanofi, Merck, Bayer, and Bristol-Myers Squibb, presented on their business strategies, their key areas of interest, and the types of partnering opportunities they are seeking.  There were several key takeaways from these insightful presentations and discussions.  These include:

  • Large biotech and pharma companies are open to considering and pursuing earlier stage technology.  However, this assumes the technologies are truly disruptive, and have at a minimum, animal level data.
  • It is important to “de-risk” the technology as much as possible.  This means producing meaningful data, (i.e efficacy and toxicity data), even if only pre-clinical.
  • Universities and research institutions are finding innovative ways to help move their own biotech and pharmaceutical innovations further down the development pipeline, through initiatives including Innovation/Venture Funds, and Accelerators

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