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Boston, touted as the next big innovation hub, the mecca of enterprise, and the nexus of revolutionary research hosted the TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo in mid-June. TechConnect, now in its 20th year, is widely considered to be THE networking event for entrepreneurs and investors alike, and has successfully connected top applied research and early-stage innovations from universities, labs, and startups with industry end-users and prospectors.

Platform for Innovation

TechConnect World Innovation 2019 provided a platform for a number of allied programs, including the annual SBIR/STTR Spring Innovation Conference, Spring AI TechConnect, TechConnect Technical Program (a world-class technical symposium), and Nanotech Conference Series (the world’s largest and longest running nanotechnology event).

Through these joint programs, TechConnect has published over 10,000 papers, connected over 20,000 innovations with industry partners, provided prospecting to most all Fortune 500 technology companies, and supported nearly every U.S. Science and Technology agency (including the National Nanotechnology Initiative) since inception.

Northeastern Innovators on Display

Northeastern was well represented at TechConnect. The Center for Research Innovation promoted Northeastern research areas and showcased entrepreneurial ventures at CRI’s exhibition booth and also set the stage for NU spinouts to receive recognition as TechConnect 2019 Innovation Awardees.

Techconnect Award

TechConnect Innovation Awardees are selected by the Corporate & Investment Partner Committee that is charged with identifying the top 15% of technologies illustrating the potential to disrupt specific industry sectors.

As Innovation Awardees, QSM Diagnostics, RegenX, and Zepsor were given the chance to deliver a 10 minute venture pitch to packed rooms, while BioNet Sonar and DeepCharge wowed attendees on the exhibition floor.

Brice Tennant, Marketing and Program Manager for the CRI, who attended QSM’s pitch session and also maintained a presence at the CRI booth, was pleased with what he observed. “Northeastern’s technologies made a strong showing on all fronts,” he said; continuing, “The combination of deft leadership and compelling tech made each of the ventures stand out and generated substantial interest among attendees.” As for the conference itself, Brice concluded, “Great exposure, premier connections — we will be back.”

The Spinouts

QSM Diagnostics, founded by Edgar Goluch, develops point-of-care diagnostics for rapid identification of infections. Initial products identify urinary tract infections, and tests for infectious diseases are in development. QSM’s proprietary sensing technology uses a one-step method that enables faster and more reliable detection of target molecules in any biological fluid — with zero sample preparation. QSM’s handheld reader obtains results in minutes, detecting multiple biomarkers simultaneously.

RegenX, founded by Jeff Ruberti, addresses tendon and ligament injuries that are widespread and notoriously slow to heal. Through unique methods, RegenX assembles collagen into high-density, high-strength, organized structures designed for surgical replacement and repair. Once implanted, RegenX’s tropocollagen can be applied to further accelerate healing.

Zepsor, founded by Matteo Rinaldi, has created zero-power, wireless flame detection sensors capable of comprehensive indoor and outdoor fire monitoring, from wilderness to warehouses and any structure in-between. These low-cost devices have high sensitivity and transmit location information instantly.

BioNet Sonar, founded by Tommaso Melodia, enables the Internet of Medical Things by developing a new generation of smart medical implants with sensing and wireless connectivity based on safe, high-performing ultrasonic waves instead of RF microwaves traditionally used in Bluetooth or WiFi.

DeepCharge, founded by Kaushik Chowdhury, has developed a first-of-its-kind software-defined system for wireless charging. The technology transforms any surface into an intelligent wireless charger, delivering power to multiple devices.

Learn More

For more information about these and other exciting ventures, contact Joel Bresler, the CRI’s Technology Portfolio Director.

For more about the research of Matteo Rinaldi, Tommaso Melodia, Kaushik Chowdury, read the following:

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Written by Divya Parikh

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