Attending PITCH Training = Tangible Results

Value was visible: everywhere. With each rendition, with each recitation of the PITCH, confidence grew. Body language and tone of voice exhibited this increase in confidence as attendees of the CRI’s Hitting Your Target seminar practiced the poignant techniques of pitchmaster Stuart Paap.

But, the value didn’t end there.

The knowledge and skill acquired at Hitting Your Target translated into higher scores from RISE judges. Among attendees, 4 became RISE award finalists and 3 now have RISE accolades glistening on their shelves.

And, the value didn’t end there either.

During the seminar, Stuart extolled the virtue of simplifying one’s message in order to convey confidence and clarity. “Confusion,” he said, “translates into no interest and no money.” Then, he quipped: “No one walks away and says, ‘Wow, that was so confusing, I want to know more!’”

Simplification, clarity, relevance, confidence: these garner attention — in all aspects of life.

Attention generates opportunity.

Mastering opportunity produces results.

Attend Hitting Your Target in 2017 and experience result driven value for yourself.

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